Candle Centerpieces That Make Your Decor Shine!

I’m not sure if you’ve had the chance to check out our new section for wedding centerpieces, but it is awesome! There are so many choices for stunning centerpieces that it will almost make your head spin. From flowers to decorative accents, it’s all there for the choosing. The candle centerpieces are particularly intriguing. Not just your average candles and tea lights, we’ve pulled together an impressive collection of table decor that will make your tables shine! As you are planning your next evening event, consider using one of these de-light-ful centerpieces:

The “Crown Jewel” of our candle centerpieces might very well be these silver candlesticks inspired by a diamond engagement ring. Suspended high above your table, these diamonds will sparkle and glow. It’s an interesting design that is very appropriate for weddings and even engagement parties. Sold as a set of three, you can display them separately or as a trio of elegance.

candelabra-bottlestopper.jpgPop open the bubbly and use the bottle to create this stunning centerpiece! These “Vintage Masterpiece” candelabra bottle stoppers are a creative way to add charm and elegance to your decor with an old world Italian flair. Just like fine wine, this centerpiece (as well as the hanging candelabra) will be enjoyed by all as a stately representation of your good taste. For an added touch, why not create a personalized label with your names and wedding date? It will be an instant heirloom that guests will definitely want to take home with them.

hanging-tea-lights.jpgLight the pathway to paradise with these hanging tea light holders. Don’t just sit them around, these glass holders are designed to be hung in trees and along fences for an illuminating twist on an old idea. Fill the base of the candle holder with beads, sand or other items before placing the tea light candles on the tiny feet inside the container. Or use them to accent a contemporary floral centerpiece as shown.

While a candle under glass is nothing new, these glass candlesticks certainly are. With the look of silver, the inside glass is silver-colored and fashioned to resemble a classic candlestick that is surrounded by a clear glass cylinder in this one-piece design. Adding a votive candle elegantly brings it to life. Choose a color that matches your decor and for an added touch of color, place flowers and greenery around the base.

Candle centerpieces are a relatively easy do-it-yourself centerpiece. Even a novice designer can create a stunning centerpiece with these elements. However, here are few practical tips to make sure you make the right centerpiece choices if you’re making them yourself:

  • Consider the preparation time. Fresh flower arrangements must be made either the day of the event or the day before (if you have a large enough cooler to store them.) If time and space is limited, consider silk or permanent botanicals. You can make the arrangements well in advance and just have someone place them on the tables the day of the wedding.
  • Be sure the container choice does not block the view of your guests. Select a low arrangement like floating candles or something really tall so that the fullness of the arrangement is above their heads.
  • Decide what to do with the arrangements after the wedding. In most cases you can leave them for the guests to take with them. But if you’ve invested in the design with a personalized vase or unusual container, you might want to specify that they are for your wedding party, family or special guests as a token of your appreciation.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something a little different. It is often that touch of the unexpected that makes a centerpiece spectacular. After you’ve gathered your inspiration from magazines and the web, go for it!