Cigar Bars—A Wedding Trend that Stinks!

Not to mention the smoky haze it creates. But I digress. Yes, we’re hearing more and more about cigar bars turning up at wedding receptions. Don’t get me wrong–I know cigars are popular with a large segment of the population. Even women are taking up the habit. But I believe there’s a larger segment of the population who can’t stand being around cigar smoke–or cigarette smoke for that matter. But let’s say your betrothed–and possibly, even you–are into the cigar thing. How do you set up a cigar bar at your wedding so it satisfies the smokers and doesn’t ruin the event for those who would prefer not to be forced into a smoky, smelly environment?

Setting Up a Cigar Bar

First, check with your reception venue to find out if their smoking policy will allow you to have a cigar bar. If you’re determined to have the bar, keep looking for a venue that will allow smoking. An outdoor location some distance away from the main festivities would be preferable, and this might help determine the season for your wedding. A winter wedding, depending on the local weather, might require an indoor spot for the cigar bar. You might even have the cigar bar itself inside the facility, but ask the gentlemen to step outside onto a patio to smoke. Your main concern should be putting enough distance between the smokers and the rest of the guests to keep everyone content.

Once the perfect spot for the cigar bar has been identified, you simply need a table on which to put the cigars and all the necessary accessories. Start with a nice assortment of cigars. If you or your groom is a cigar enthusiast, you’ll know which cigars to bring to the table. Otherwise, get advice at your local cigar store.

In addition to the cigars, the cigar bar should have a humidor or two to keep the cigars fresh, as well as cigar cases or pouches–a nice favor for your gentlemen guests. You’ll also need a couple of cigar cutters to give smokers a clean end for smoking, and purchase a substantial lighter or two. I say substantial, because a Bic won’t cut it. No, it takes a lighter on steriods to get those babies going. Have enough ashtrays available, and you might want to have some mints handy, so the smokers don’t knock people over with their breath when the return to the reception. That’s all there is to it! Oh, you might want to take note of where the fire extinguishers are located in the facility. Only the flames of love should be welcome at your wedding. Personally, I like the idea of a chocolate bar or a pizza bar or an ice cream sundae bar…