Cool Alternatives to Wedding Veils

Wedding veils are traditional. They complement white wedding dresses nicely. If you’re choosing your wedding look based on tradition or what your great grandmother insists you wear, you probably already have your eye on a nice long, lily-white veil.

Then again, if you scoff at tradition and don’t mind disappointing the old-fashioned among your family members, it’s time to take a stand. Trash the veil and try one of these cool alternatives.

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire and Enjoy the View Photography

The most popular alternative to a bridal veil is flowers. You can do like above and pick a white flower to match your dress, or get a little sassy and pick a flower in your wedding’s accent color.

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire and Samantha Joy Photographer

Vintage-lovers will kill for the feather fascinator in the picture above. The bigger your feather hair adornment, the better. Your wedding isn’t a time to be subtle.

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire and Nature Inspires

Nature-lovers and hippy-types aren’t the only ones who can rock a hair wreath made straight from nature. Use thin branches, leaves, flowers and berries. It’ll go perfectly with an outdoor fall wedding.

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire and Makeup by b.b.

Then again, if you hate the idea of anything in your hair, whether leaves, flowers, feathers or the traditional veil, you can always forgo it all. Put your hair up in sexy tendrils and keep out the accessories. Let your hair speak for itself!