Couples Get Cooking for a Sizzling Wedding Gift Idea!

If you’re faced with the decision of picking the “perfect wedding gift,” you know how challenging it can be.

There are so many choices out there. Do you go with the registry and risk duplication or veer off the list and get something that they might never use? Would they appreciate something quirky or conservative? And, to make matters worse, if they are combining two household’s worth of stuff, all of the traditional wedding gifts, like toasters, blenders and crock pots, may be out of the question.

So, what’s a gift-giving guest to do? Get cooking, of course! Here’s a way to give them a “traditional” kitchen-themed gift with a contemporary twist. I came across a cooking school that offers gift certificates for “Romantic Cooking Classes” so couples can have some hands-on fun! I thought, “Cooking over candlelight might be an interesting way to go.” It gives the couple a delightful outing and might even be helpful if the newlyweds are lacking in their cooking skills. Who knows? After an evening of slicing and dicing, things might really get heated!

Turn up the heat on this wedding-gift idea by including these heart-shaped salt & pepper shakers for a unique presentation. They are a great reminder of their flavorful love and can really spice things up! Adding these “Love Beyond Measure” measuring scoops and champagne flutes create a recipe they both will enjoy!

Personalized wedding gifts are always an excellent choice. Check out these engraved glasses and coasters. New brides will love seeing their new name printed on these, and they are a great way to keep the kitchen theme alive and cooking. Bon appetit !