Dazzle Your Wedding Guests With Lush Gold Accents

You have a whole rainbow of colors to choose from when it comes to the accent color for your wedding. You could go with the current trend for 2013 and choose emerald, or you could go with something classic like light blue.

But if you really want an accent color that stands out from the crowd, choose gold. Gold inspires a feeling of luxury and decadence. And, since you don’t actually need to use real gold to get the color, you can inspire that luxury at your wedding without breaking the bank. Check out these royally awesome ideas for golden wedding accents.

Miniature Gold Chairs from MyWeddingFavors.com

Want your guests to have a golden way to find their seat? Use favor boxes for place settings at wedding reception tables.

Image copyright JJ Horton Photography

Your wedding cake is the perfect place to showcase gold accents. Whether it’s a little bit of gold amidst a white cake, or a confection covered in the metallic color, it’ll look great (and taste great!) with the rest of your decor.

Image courtesy of Cherry Merry

Imagine adorable gold shoes peeking out from beneath your classic white wedding dress. Now that’s a golden moment!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Then again, if you really love gold and you’re feeling brave, you can ditch the white gown and go for an all-gold wedding dress instead. Your guests will never forget it.