Decorating a Wedding With Twinkle Lights

Gone are the days when a string of lights was relegated to the Christmas holiday season. These days, twinkle lights are a great way to add warm light and romantic ambiance any time of year. The soft cast of light will play off the dance floor as the bride and groom have their first dance. It’ll light the way for guests as they find their seats and will drip from the ceiling to help provide some magnificent wedding photos.

We’ve come up with some fun ways to decorate your wedding with twinkle lights. There’s no going back now!

1. Line the Aisle

While most of your twinkle lights will be used to decorate the wedding reception, they also have a place at the ceremony. Wrap strings of twinkle lights in white tulle netting and line the aisle. With or without a flower girl, the aisle will look magical as the bride makes her way down to her groom.

Twinkle Lights Decorating the Aisle | Decorating a Wedding With Twinkle Lights | My Wedding FavorsOhio History Weddings

2. A Starry Ceiling

If you have the stomach for getting high up on a ladder, it’ll all be worth it when you get the ceiling of your wedding reception venue looking like a starry sky. Yellow-toned lights look better than cool-toned white lights because they add a warm, inviting glow.

Twinkle Light Ceiling | Decorating a Wedding With Twinkle Lights | My Wedding FavorsRaquel Sergio

3. Dripping Trees

For an outdoor wedding, you don’t have a traditional ceiling to decorate. Instead, you have nature’s ceiling: Tree branches! Drip long lines of twinkle lights from the branches to mimic the leafy boughs of a willow tree. These are likely to provide your favorite wedding photo backdrop of the night.

Twinkle Lights in Trees | Decorating a Wedding With Twinkle Lights | My Wedding FavorsShewanders Photography

4. Lights Under Glass

Wedding reception tables need lighting, too. Fill glass jars with thin strings of battery-powered twinkle lights and place them in the middle of each table. You could use glass cloches like in the picture below or even fill some festive mason jars. It’s like you’ve captured dozens of fireflies under glass.

Twinkle Lights Under Glass | Decorating a Wedding With Twinkle Lights | My Wedding FavorsDesign Sponge

5. Wrapped Trees

Speaking of trees and outdoor weddings, wrap the trunks of surrounding trees for some more ambient lighting. The reception is sure to feel magical. By the way, though you’re using twinkle lights as your main source of light, they don’t have to be the only method you use. You could still place some votive candles on each table as well.

Twinkle Lights Around Trees | Decorating a Wedding With Twinkle Lights | My Wedding FavorsNataschia Wielink Photo + Cinema

6. Lighted Accent Walls

Sometimes you just need to make a statement. That’s where a lighted accent wall comes in. Place rows of twinkle lights behind sheer white curtains for an amazing look. Center the wall behind the head table at the reception or use it as a backdrop for a photo booth.

Twinkle Light Accent Wall | Decorating a Wedding With Twinkle Lights | My Wedding FavorsAnchor Veil