Do You Find Inspiration From Celebrity Weddings?

Whenever a celebrity gets married, the occasion is the talk of the town. Their wedding photos grace the covers of the gossip and entertainment magazines you see in line at the grocery store. News programs cover everything from what the bride wore to what the cake looked like.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones Wedding

As you plan your wedding, are you finding inspiration from these celebrity weddings? Did you encourage guests to wear “fascinators” after watching the royal wedding? Did you find an affordable copy of the pink and white ombre wedding dress Gwen Stefani wore when she married Gavin Rossdale?

How to Take Inspiration From Celebrity Weddings

  • Get good ideas. Just like with the wedding magazines you have lying all over your home, celebrity weddings can offer great ideas when it comes to nearly any part of your wedding, from flower arrangements to aisle decorations. Pick the ones that suit you most.
  • Scale back on cost. Celebrities can afford a very large budget for their weddings. Since you may not have the quarter-million required to pull off a decadent affair, look for less expensive ways to emulate what you see. Using fake gold or thin gold leaf, for example, can cut down costs on gold wedding accents.
  • Make it your own. Just because you liked the look of your favorite celebrity’s wedding, doesn’t mean you should copy every little detail. After all, this wedding is about you and your groom. Make sure to personalize your wedding. Stick to color schemes and foods that represent you as a couple while still incorporating what you like from a celebrity wedding.

What recent celebrity wedding has influenced you the most?