Do Your Pregnant Bridesmaid a Wedding Favor–Dress Her Well!

Hi, Brides-to-be! Sue here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things!) Spring is here–nature’s favorite season for mating and creating new life. Judging from the number of celebrity pregnancies lately I’d say there’s a pregnancy epidemic in this country, and if you’re getting married in the next few months–or ever!–there’s a good chance one or more of your bridesmaids, or even your maid of honor, will be pregnant on the very date you’ve chosen for your elegant wedding.

I recently posted a blog about brides who are making their maid of honor and bridesmaids sign pre-nups promising not to gain weight, change their hair color or do a number of other things at the risk of being released from the “dubious” honor of attending the bride. Pretty cold, as far as I’m concerned. What if the bride’s sister or best friend gets pregnant and gains the weight so important for her growing baby’s nutrition? Does sis or the bff get booted? Let’s hope not. There’s no reason for a bride or pregnant bridesmaid to believe a pregnant attendant can’t be just as beautiful as her non-pregnant counterparts, and there’s no need for the mom-to-be to feel self-conscious. Many designers specialize in maternity bridesmaids dresses. Here are some tips from Perfect Bridesmaids:

  • Find a flattering style for your pregnant attendant that will work well for the rest of the group
  • Empire-waisted gowns work well for the pregnant attendant and also look good on others
  • A-line dresses also work well with a variety of figures–pregnant and otherwise–but the A-line style will not work for a woman in her third trimester
  • For an elegant wedding, choose silk-shantung and silk-crepe or perhaps even matte jersey, all which provide elegance, grace and comfort
  • Semi-formal maternity dresses can be made of chenille or velour
  • A fine cotton or washable silk works well for a casual wedding
  • Order a dress size larger than you think it will need to be, because it’s easier to take it in than let it out
  • Have your pregnant bridesmaid’s fitting and alterations done last and as close to the wedding date as possible

All that said, I would definitely make sure that my pregnant attendant’s due date is nowhere near my wedding date. Nothing takes the spotlight off the bride like a woman popping out a baby on the altar. And I would also choose bridesmaids gifts that let my girls know how beautiful, appreciated and loved they are. I’ve picked out a few I would love to get.? bridesmaidspakit.jpg Take a look at the personalized seven-piece spa gift set on the far left! I’m all ready to dive into it, and I’ve just been writing this blog for a while. And who wouldn’t want this amazing pearl-and-crystal necklace and earrings gift set? I’m not done yet! I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough totes. Here’s a roomy weekend bag with a spot for my monogram.totebag.jpg Just think how much your pregnant bridesmaid will appreciate this stylish tote. Yeah, she’ll probably get a diaper bag to carry all her baby necessities around after the baby comes, but unless it’s the size of a small steamer trunk, she won’t be able to fit everything she wants to schlep around. The tote will become her constant companion. Well, there you have it. Congratulations to all you terrific brides-to-be and, of course, all the gorgeous, glowing bridesmaids/moms-to-be!