Do Your Wedding Favors Match Your State’s Personality?

love-bottle-stopper.jpgIt seems an odd thing to go together–your wedding favors and your state’s personality traits. But it just may be a new way to choose your wedding favors. A recent study of over 600,000 participants from across the country provided some interesting facts about people’s personalities based on the state in which they live, according to the Wall Street Journal report. Did you know that Floridians tend to be more conscientious while those from Kentucky are more neurotic and stressed out. Go figure! By state, they surmised the level of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness of its residents. Based on the study of the “Big Five” as they call them, psychologists were able to conclude all sorts of things including how this information impacts health and societal issues. But could it also impact your choice for wedding favors?

Well, at My Wedding Favors, we’ve developed our own little personality test that’s a great tool to help brides choose unique wedding favors. In a world where favors and personality tests collide, I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if a bride chose her wedding favors based on the personality of the state she lived in rather than her own. Let’s take a quick look at the states that ranked #1 and which of our “personalities” they would probably be:

Guess which state has the most extroverted residents in the union? North Dakota. Yep. North Dakota. That surprised me too! Based on that, brides in North Dakota would have a “Lexi” personality–unique and free spirited. If you have a sense of individualism and the gusto to follow your dreams, you have a lot in common with the residents of North Dakota. Sounds like someone from California, doesn’t it? Actually, California ranked at #38.

If you’re from New Mexico, North Carolina or Georgia, you’re a part of the Conscientious Crowd! Those states ranked 1, 2 and 3 for being ethical, honest and moral. Someone with those enduring qualities would definitely be an “Elizabeth.” Classic and elegant with a timeless sense of style, that’s you!

Are you open to new ideas and look at the glass as half-full instead of half-empty? Then chances are you’re probably from Washington, DC, New York or Oregon. These top-ranked states for openness beat out a host of other states you would have thought to be open and optimistic.  “Victoria” would be the personality that would feel right at home in these states. How about you?

Is there really a correlation between the personality traits of your state and the wedding favors you would choose? Probably not. But a great way to find the perfect favor boxes that truly reflect YOUR personality (and not your state’s) is to take the short My Wedding Favors Personality Quiz. Regardless of where you live, you can find just the right favor for you. To find out how your state ranks, click here.

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