Dreamy Winter Wedding Inspiration

Freshly fallen snow, the soft glow of the candles flickering at dusk, the smell of fresh greenery – these are things that set the scene for the most lovely winter weddings. Whether you’re in a part of the country that is covered in snow or are enjoying the sunshine, you can’t help but dream with this winter wedding inspiration.

A Delicate Palette

Start with the color palette and an idea of the feel you want your winter wedding to have. We’re loving icy blues, evergreen, ivories and taupes mixed together to create a soft palette that reminds us of snow quietly falling from the sky. This palette lends itself well to all kinds of decor, attire, stationery and florals, which is why we love it so much for a winter wedding!

Sweet Textures

Textures can also set the scene for your winter wedding. Bridesmaids and guests alike can warm up with these extra soft angora scarves and throws – and they make for lovely photos, too! If you’re planning on mixing in different types of evergreen into your centerpieces and decor, rustic uncovered wood tables are a wonderful idea, especially for the head table. And other light textures, like chiffon, are perfect to incorporate into the decor, stationery, florals and bridesmaid gowns.

Venue Decor

Because winter brings out coziness, go overboard with candles and the soft glow they emit when they’re all lit up. They’ll make the biggest impact when displayed in groups. Mix and match pillar candles, tapers and tealights for maximum effect, and display them in large areas like down the aisle, in a fireplace or in a grouping at the bar.

It’s also a great idea to incorporate them into your centerpieces. With a little bit of greenery and candles in containers (like mercury glass), in candlestick holders or just sitting on the table, your centerpiece designs can go a long way.

Frosty Favors

Favors are one of the most fun things to pick out in a wedding because it’s a gift you get to give your guests to thank them for celebrating one of the most special days of your life with you. When choosing a favor, go with something that is personal to you and your spouse, or pick something that matches the theme of your day. For this winter wedding inspiration, sparkly glasses for your guests to use during your event and then take with them are a fun and useful idea. Another option is to place? snowflake inspired coasters at each table setting for a fun and practical favor.

Whatever the weather, this winter wedding inspiration will certainly make you crave a few snow flurries and a lot of sweet celebration.



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