Fall Wedding Accent Color: Brown

The weather’s getting cooler. The leaves are threatening to change. That’s right: it’s almost fall!

While most weddings happen in the summer, some of you braver girls are reciting your nuptials in the fall. Good for you! In line with the season, brown is a great color to incorporate into your wedding.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Jennifer Rotz Photography

You may not want to walk down the aisle in a brown wedding dress (we understand!), but your new husband can incorporate the color instead. A brown suit or tuxedo will pull in the colors of the nature around you, and look oh-so-handsome.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Levi Bethune Photography

Still need more brown? Task your bridesmaids with wearing brown dresses. As long as the dresses have a flattering shape, they won’t mind.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and gagavida

Add brown to our bridal look with a cute hair piece. Small accents of brown will tie the entire wedding together.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Ooh! Events

Want to add brown to your bouquet? Add some twigs and sticks for that rustic look, which is especially cute for an outdoor wedding.

How are you going to incorporate brown into your fall wedding?