Five Wedding Tips from New York’s Top Caterer

In this past Sunday’s New York Daily News, prominent NY caterer Peter Callahan offered some fresh advice on how to find the best caterer for your wedding, and he answered a few other FAQs that might come up for you as you wade through the wedding-planning ocean of possibilities.

Callahan has catered events for Al Gore, Kelly Ripa, Kate Spade, a number of Fortune 500 corporations, and Martha Stewart Omnimedia. As our friend Martha would say: This is a good thing.

Here’s what Peter has to say about:

  • Finding a really great caterer. The best thing a caterer does is what he or she likes to do. Sounds reasonable. So find out what each potential caterer believes is fabulous on his or her menu, and when you find one that harmonizes best with your own taste, you’ve found your caterer. He also suggests you get referrals from people who share your taste.
  • Other questions to ask your caterer. What tabletop does your caterer rent–linen, china, silver, glassware, etc.? If the caterer owns their own china and flatware, ask to see the options to make sure you’re pleased with them. Also ask if gratuities are included in the price.
  • Buffet or waiter service–that is the question. In a response that surprised me, Callahan says the cost is roughly the same. The difference you save on wait staff might be put toward a greater variety in your buffet items. It’s simply your preference–would you like guests mingling throughout the reception as they graze at the buffet or relaxing at a table while being served?
  • Choosing wine. Less is more. With one white wine and one red, you’re good to go, unless you want to serve something special with dinner.
  • Twenty-one words that will win you the busiest caterer in town. “Once we make the decision, you practically won’t hear from me until I give the guest count. I hope that’s okay.” Sign here, please.

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