Getaway Car Creates A Sticky Situation!

For those of you looking for a very creative way to decorate the getaway car for the bride and groom, I couldn’t help but pass this idea along.

This poor SUV was completely covered in Post-It Notes. That’s right, the little sticky notes we use at the office. Whether the decorators were really into office supplies or just very creative, I’m sure this car got plenty of looks (and stares). Literally, hundreds of these multi-colored message notes were stuck to the victim–I mean vehicle. After getting over the shock I felt when I first saw the picture, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have wedding guests write a note and stick it to the car instead of throwing rice?” Especially since the couple said that the majority of the notes stayed on the car during the ride from the reception to the hotel. It even took them over an hour to pull them all off. So, try this suggestion for an idea that sticks.

Now if you are bold enough to give it a try, you might want to skip the multi-colored notes and use these white sticky notes instead. Guests can write their best wishes to the happy couple on a few love notes, stick them on the car and keep the rest as a reminder of the wacky time they had at your reception. Not stuck on the idea? Consider this adorable pink and black getaway car if you’d like to make a less-sticky impression. It’s an elegant wedding favor box that can be filled with a delicious treat for your guests to enjoy. Everyone will drive away happy with these!