Getting Those Rings To The Altar With Style

Whether you have an official ring bearer or even if Fido does you a favor, there’s never been a better time to explore different ways to get those rings down the aisle to the altar with style. If you’re a traditional bride having a traditional wedding, then the classic ring bearer pillow is for you. Available in hundreds of designs, themes and colors, you’re sure to find the perfect pillow for you. But, if you’re looking for something a little different or a unique way to complement your wedding theme, these ideas help you express your style and may just get your creative juices flowing.

Books/Bibles: Doesn’t this little guy look super cute holding a stack of books with the rings tied in the bow? Some brides also incorporate a family bible with the ring attached to the bookmark. Either way, books are always a smart choice!

Top Hats: A very classy addition to a formal wedding especially if the guys are wearing tuxedos with tails, a top hat can also add a vintage touch to a retro wedding. Simply place a band around the hat to attach the rings.

Sea Shells: A great choice for eco-friendly weddings and beach weddings, sea shells make a unique carrier for the coveted rings. If the shell is flat, you can just lay them inside, but if the shell is large and rounded, like a conch shell, place some fabric inside the shell to rest the rings on.

Mini Dishes/Bowls: These ring bearer bowls from Paloma’s Nest are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the ring bearer pillow because of their uniqueness and the fact that they can be personalized. Engraved with your names, wedding date, scripture of whatever you like, they are a lovely keepsake for your wedding day.

Branches: Perfect for eco-friendly and outdoor weddings, a branch can be painted and decorated for the trip down the aisle or left au naturel. Tie the rings on with coordinating ribbon for a minimalist look that will wow your guests.

Stuffed animals: For the tiny toddlers making their way down the aisle, a teddy bear is not only a cute way to present the rings, but it can also be a comforting security “blanket” for the child. Having something warm and cuddly to hold onto can help take the pressure off as all eyes are on them.

Faberge eggs/Chests/Jewelry Boxes: Any of these three choices would make an elegant container. Carrying your rings with timeless charm, they also make a delightful keepsake for the wedding.

Nests: I love this idea for garden or spring weddings. They symbolism is perfect as you start your nest as a new family. Incorporating the eggs as this couple did represents the new life that you are beginning together.

Get Inspired: The reality is that just about anything can be transformed into a ring bearer “pillow.” From eclectic pin cushions to a tree branch, there’s no limit to what you can use. This bride who absolutely loves cupcakes let that be the inspiration for her rings. Who would have thought of using a hand crocheted cupcake as a pillow? I’m sure all the other kids were jealous of her ring bearer who got to bring this cute carrier down the aisle.