When it came to decorating the wedding aisle, all the attention used to be given to the pews or chairs. Draped with bows and maybe some ribbon, tulle, flowers or even candles, they were the center of attention–next to the bride of course. But, now pew decorations might just have to take a back seat to the aisle runner as this once-overlooked decoration is taking center stage.

No longer a “bare necessity” at weddings, decorated and personalized wedding aisle runners allow you to steal the show before you even come down the aisle! Much more than just a place to hold the flower petals that the little flower girl threw on the floor, they can help you make a grand first impression with your guests.

Your names, wedding date and even a personalized message really makes these white wedding runners pop with color and love. Just look at a few of our brand new designs that can be customized just for you:

Each style has it’s own way of reflecting your personality. But if you feel that you need to add a little bit more, check out this article I wrote about How To Decorate Your Aisle Runner. It’s full of creative ways to enhance your runner.