2020 Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas

2020 Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas

If anyone tells you that the only wedding cake you can have is a four-tier white cake, don't listen to them. Gorgeous wedding cakes come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Pick a wedding cake that fits your personality and the vision you have for your big day. If you need some inspiration, there are hot trends in wedding cakes for 2020 that you might love. From gorgeous colors to creative shapes, these new cake trends will have you excited for the reception.

1. Frosting with Edible Flowers

Edible flowers aren't anything new, but wedding cakes of the past saw these flowers piled up along the bottoms of every tier. The new cake trend of the moment instead has the beautiful edible petals embedded right into the buttercream frosting. This way, the cake remains chic and smooth while providing little glimpses of natural color.

Edible Flowers

2. Hand-Painted Cakes

Cake decorators are artists, after all. Why not add a little art to your cake with hand-painted frosting. Show your cake designer your mood board or Pinterest wedding board so they know the kind of aesthetic and color palette you're going for.

Hand-Painted Cakes

3. Metallic Cakes

While you may have seen colorful wedding cakes in the past, you may not have had the pleasure of viewing a metallic wedding cake. If you've gone for a precious metal over a more traditional accent color, bring this flair to your wedding cake as well. Gold, silver, bronze--it all looks great on one or more tasty tiers.

Metallic Wedding Cakes

4. Fault-Line Wedding Cakes

Most wedding cakes have layers, but what if you could make the space between layers extra special? Fault-line wedding cakes feature a rugged gap between layers. These jagged cracks often feature a gorgeous center, like edible flowers, rock candy, or sliced lemons.

Fault Line

5. Ultra Tiered Wedding Cakes

Why stop at four or five tiers when you can have a dozen? "Go big or go home," as they say. If you really want to make a statement at your wedding, the higher the cake the better! This tiered cake has flowers adorning the sides; however, any embellishment will naturally complement this gorgeous design.