Guaranteed Weight Loss Tips For Dummies

Mr. Christopher here from the My Wedding Favors blog to share with you the ONLY weight loss tips you will ever need and they are offered to you at absolutely no charge. It’s so frustrating to watch these fat burner commercials, meal replacement commercials, super weight loss gadget promos and not think to yourself, are […]


Mr. Christopher here from the My Wedding Favors blog to share with you the ONLY weight loss tips you will ever need and they are offered to you at absolutely no charge. It’s so frustrating to watch these fat burner commercials, meal replacement commercials, super weight loss gadget promos and not think to yourself, are people really still searching for the magic whatchamacallit? The answer is a disappointing resounding “Yes.

I myself have sat there watching the lipo-fat-pill-ephedrine-flavor-of-the-month commercial and its claims to burn away fat with little to no effort on my part and thought, “Yeah, this can’t be good for you.” And I was right. According to USDA, over EIGHTY deaths have been attributed to Ephedrine. And you say, but only 80 out of millions sold? That’s good odds. That doesn’t even account for the deaths not officially tied to Ephedrine or the over 1400 cases of very bad adverse affects reported. Can you really afford to get lucky and be one of those 80?
So with all of the hype surrounding these supposed miracle pills, I’m going to give it to you straight and tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to lose weight and if you follow these steps, you’ll lose it pretty quickly.

  1. Drop the sugar. – Your body has no idea what to do with sugar and the result is that it turns it into body fat along with sending your body really messed up signals and causing it to go into overdrive which causes you to crash. There was a really good book written years ago called “Sugar Blues” which talks about how this tribe learned how to grow sugar and they would teach other tribes how to grow it. Then when the new tribe they taught started using the sugar and eating it, they started to get lethargic and the tribe that taught them would then move in and conquer their tribe. Sugar is not good in any form, so if there is a sugar free version to your favorite foods, find it.
  2. “Decaf, please” – That’s right. Caffeine is not good in soda, coffee or any form. This was the worst one for me. I love my morning coffee. The problem is that caffeine counteracts with what your body does naturally which is to produce energy. It makes your body get a lift along the same lines as sugar and temporarily fakes your body out. A fruit smoothie will accomplish the same thing here. Too expensive, you say? Buy quantities of your favorite fruits at the grocery store like bananas, strawberries, kiwi or whatever you like. Then throw them in a blender with skim milk and ice cubes. Your body will award you with more energy than any cup of coffee could give you. Try it for 3 days straight and see what happens.
  3. No flour power – White flour is another one of those great ingredients that all of the good foods are made from. It’s also very bad. Your body can’t break flour down fast enough, so you have to really watch what you take in that’s made with flour in moderation. White flour is the worst of the varieties that are out there. Bread, pretzels, cake, cookies and much more is made from flour and they are all bad and take your body a lot of extra time to break down. So do what you can to avoid the flour.

  4. Take your vitamins – Believe it or not, your body doesn’t like to be fat and will do whatever it can naturally to fight it. Help it along by taking your one a day vitamins and giving it the defense and offense that it needs. If you have kids, you should make it a family thing to take your vitamins in the morning together. If you get the children the yummy chewable or gummy kind, they’ll remind you every morning to get their vitamins and you’ll be doing your body a great favor by giving it a jump start needs.
  5. Moderation – In a world that has “super size”, “mega” and “triple” whatever, you have to be your own cop. The best rule to train your brain is to only eat until you’re not hungry. Don’t keep going until you’re full, no matter how good it is. If you’re not hungry anymore, STOP eating. There are charts everywhere that will tell you what your ideal caloric intake should be based on your age and weight, but there’s a much easier way. Your stomach is about the size of large grapefruit. If you look at your plate and there’s way more than a grapefruit’s worth there, you’ve got too much food on your plate. Avoid the buffet’s or if you’re trapped into going, stick to the salad bar unless you can control yourself.

  6. Exercise – For most people the problem here is time. Getting up extra early in the morning to work out is a big hassle because you have to get up so early, then shower and when you’ve got kids to get off to school or anything else, it’s way too hard to get that schedule right. And when you’re heading home from work, you just want to go home and relax. You have no energy left to throw at a treadmill. But the truth is that you need to figure out where you can fit a minimum of at least 3 times a week to get some exercise. For those with an XBox (Yourself Fitness) or a Nintendo Wii (Wii Fit), both of them have workout discs that give you an aerobic exercise right in the comfort of your home and in most cases even the kids will work out with you. They even offer record keeping, recipes, helpful tips and much more. That’s not even considering the dance mat craze for all 3 home systems that has left hundreds of used dance mats and games floating on Ebay for under $30. There are dozens of new and great ways to get the exercise your body needs and there is no excuse.
  7. Night Night No No – Another tough one for me was not having my bowl of ice cream before going to bed. I loved to make my bowl of ice cream, go upstairs and sit in bed eating away and then watch an hour of TV and hit the sack. The bad part is that once you slip into unconsciousness, your body is going through a healing process to repair the damage that the day has done. But now you’ve thrown in a fattening bowl of ice cream into the mix, so it has to deal with that as well. Since all you’re doing is lying there, guess what? That ice cream gets a one way ticket to your rear end. Best tip to break this cycle? Have a glass of ice cold 100% cranberry juice. This hits the cravings in the back corners of your mouth and tames the urge really quick. If you must have ice cream at night, go for only ONE scoop of a fat free, sugar free version or even better a fat free Italian ice.
  8. Common sense – This one is your worst enemy. Use your common sense. You know that the super fudge brownie crumbled over double chocolate chunk ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream is going to go straight to your butt. But for some reason we’re surprised when we find ourselves sitting over that empty bowl and saying, “I shouldn’t have done that.” Use your common sense. You don’t need a foot long. The 6 inch is fine. “But it’s only 50 cents more to jumbo size it!” STOP! Are you really that weak minded that you don’t have any control? Use your head and your body will prevail.

Just following these simple tips will help you lose a LOT of weight and quickly and healthily. Get the weight off and keep it off. Avoid the miracle tabs or the medical processes like Liposuction. They are too dangerous and in most cases not safe at all. Anything that burns off fat or unnaturally removes it from your body is not healthy and in some cases even deadly. These common sense weight loss rules will get you to your target weight a lot faster than you could ever imagine and will do it in a healthy way that will leave you feeling like a million bucks. So whether you’re losing weight to get your body back after a pregnancy or getting fit for your big wedding day, these common sense tips will get you there quickly.