Happy Valentine’s Day–We’ve Got Heart!

With us being a wedding favor site and all, you know we’re all about love. So, this day is especially nice for us. We get to share a little blog love with our readers by wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and give you a few ways you can share some love with your family and friends. You might say we wear our hearts on our cyber-sleeves!

Bridesmaid Gifts Have Heart

If you’re looking for bridesmaid gifts with heart, you can give some of our heart-shaped jewelry. From bracelets to necklaces, many of them can be personalized with an initial or monogram. Keep the heart theme going by also giving her this engraved trinket box that she can keep her heartfelt treasures in.

Guests Have Heart

On this day of love, you wouldn’t want your guests leaving without a little love to take with them. That’s why we’ve got plenty of unique wedding favors inspired by your love. Hearts abound at My Wedding Favors! Here are two of my favorites.

Decorations Have Heart!

With all of this love flowing around, you can’t help but let it spread onto your decorations. From candle holders to place card holders, adding these heartfelt touches here and there can really bring out the romance of the day.