Here’s How To Pick The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift

You’ve been invited to your friend’s bridal shower and now you’re tasked with getting her a memorable and thoughtful gift. The problem is you have no idea where to start.

Bridal Shower Giftshpon / iStockPhoto

Luckily, you can dodge all the bridal shower gift pitfalls. Just follow these steps and she’ll end up with something she loves!

1. Stick To The Registry Only If She Asks For It

While not all brides have a registry for their bridal shower, your friend might. She’ll likely let everyone know if she wants you to stick to it faithfully. Don’t go against her wishes if she doesn’t want you to stray from the list.

2. Know The Difference Between A Bridal Shower And A Bachelorette Party

Hold off on getting her any sexy gifts or toys. This is more suited to a bachelorette party. Bridal showers tend to have a mixed crowd, and the bride would probably feel embarrassed unwrapping all of those massage oils and lingerie in front of her mother-in-law.

3. Go With A Theme

If you’re intent on building a gift basket, pick a theme to tie everything together. For instance, you could make a date night basket with everything the couple will need for a fun date night, including a gift card to the local movie theater and a bottle of wine.

4. Remember The Couple’s Interests

Did they first bond over a shared love of cooking? Maybe they spend their weekends camping, fishing or attending home games of their favorite sports team. Get her something that reminds her of her groom and can be something they both could use.

5. Go For Experiences Rather Than Things

She’ll be receiving a lot of material things at her wedding. If she doesn’t have a registry, give her a memorable experience instead. It could be something for couples, like a romantic cooking class or hot air balloon ride for two. You could even give her a spa day so she can relax right before the wedding.

6. Team Up With Other Guests

Want to get her something big? Don’t be afraid to go in on the gift with one or more of the other party guests. Just make sure you go in with someone you can trust to pay their share.

What other gift suggestions do you have? Share in the comments!