How’d You Like To Have A Dophin As Your Ringbearer?

For years, dogs have been getting in on the wedding action, but this is probably the first time that I’ve seen a dolphin do the honors. But, that’s just what happened for Julixa Campusano and Sergio Claudio of New York. Winning a dream wedding at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida, they “swam” right down to the aquarium for the ceremony. And, what a long-awaited trip it was. Having delayed their marriage for years because of her deployment to Iraq and the death of his grandmother, they were finally able to overcome life with love.

Standing next to a pool with the aquarium’s dolphins, they exchanged their vows. And, with a splash, they were married! One dolphin brought the wedding ring to the couple, while another dolphin – with Sergio loves Julixa written on its side – jumped on stage for a photo opportunity.

Why they won!

Being engaged since 2006, Campusano was thrilled to find out about this all-expense-paid wedding sponsored by the aquarium. All they needed to do was tell their story. Among the 80 applicants received, their story stood out because Campusano served 18 months in Iraq as a member of the U.S. Army. Claudio is a New York City firefighter and was part of the rescue mission on 9/11. It would be a hero’s wedding!

“We chose a very unique couple with a great story to celebrate their wedding story,” said David Yates, the aquarium’s chief executive officer. And, I’m sure that everyone–including the dolphins–we’re all smiles at the wedding.

Unique couples deserve unique wedding favors!

Taking advantage of the unique venue and the wedding “attendants”, this dolphin place card holder is the perfect choice for a unique wedding favor. Stunningly silver, it captures their wedding theme beautifully. Arching over tables like they’re swimming through the ocean, they are a whimsical way to guide guests to their seat and use to hold a photo memory of the day. But, you don’t have to have an aquarium wedding to use them. They’re perfect for beach weddings and tropical destination weddings, too!