How to Find The Best Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

Although there are a lot of places where you can save money with a DIY wedding, the photography is one you don’t want to leave to fate. Professional wedding photographers have all the high-quality equipment and years of experience that you need if you want memorable photos.

Finding the Best Wedding Photographer

rarpia via iStockPhoto

But how do you pick the best wedding photographer? The list of local wedding photographers can be long and overwhelming, but if you follow these tips, you’ll end up with a pro that will capture all your best moments.

Attend a local bridal fair.

Bridal events are a great way to find photographers, caterers, and other wedding-specific companies. Best of all, each photographer’s booth will be full of their photos so you can weed out the ones you don’t like right away. Most bridal fairs are held in the winter.

Ask people you know for recommendations.

Did you love your best friend’s wedding pictures? Just ask her who was her photographer. If she liked who she used, you’ll probably like them, too.

Look on Facebook.

Most photographers now advertise their businesses with Facebook pages. You might even find their page linked in wedding photos you find on your friend’s profiles.

Search the Internet.

Do a Google search. Just type “wedding photographer” and the name of your town to get a list of online portfolios.

Look up reviews.

Sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews have honest reviews from former clients of wedding photographers. Only stick with five-star photographers.

View their portfolios.

When you’re narrowing down the list, have a look at their portfolios. Ask to see pictures from only one wedding so you’re not just getting a dozen of the best pictures cherry-picked from otherwise dull photoshoots.

Ask about their experience for your specific wedding.

If you’re wedding is unique, you’ll want someone experienced in your kind of event. Outdoors, destination, winter weddings–make sure that your photographer can do everything you want.

Pick the style you like.

Whether it’s traditional posed photography, magazine-style shots or artistic candid photos, you’ll want a professional who’s experienced with that specific style.

Compare prices between your two or three favorite photographers.

Once you have it narrowed down, compared the packages of each photographer. This can vary wildly. Pay special attention to what you get with each package, including how many hours they’ll spend with you and if you get any prints or albums after the wedding.

Interview your favorites.

Sit down with the final photographers you’re thinking about. You may just get a bad feeling about one, or get excited about another. This instinct can come in handy to exclude photographers that aren’t a good fit.

Follow these tips, and you’re likely to end up with the best wedding photographer for your budget and unique style!