Ideas for an Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Ideas for an Intimate Wedding Ceremony

If Hollywood movies are any indication, weddings are large, expensive, and unnecessarily dramatic. But what if the classic epic wedding isn't your style? Intimate weddings have much smaller guest lists, romantic ceremonies, and a drastically smaller impact on your budget. Going for a smaller wedding? Try these tips for an intimate wedding ceremony that will rival the grand, impersonal weddings you see on film.

1. Pick a Cozy Venue

With a much smaller guest list, your possibilities for ceremony locations has opened up to a wealth of options. Pick a small location that can accommodate everyone invited and that matches your unique personalities. Campgrounds, backyards, beaches, and arboretums are all perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Intimate Wedding Venue

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2. Combine the Ceremony and Reception

It's time to throw out the rulebook. While it's common for a ceremony and reception to be held in two separate locations, your intimate wedding might be better served combining the two. Imagine saying your final "I Do" and then going right into your first dance. Now that's a gorgeous party atmosphere.

Ceremony Reception Combo

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3. Enhance the Guest Experience

You've culled your list to such a small number that everyone invited to the ceremony will feel like a VIP. Give them the true VIP experience with enhanced seating. Since the list is small, skip those uncomfortably hard folding chairs and go for a few comfy couches instead.


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4. Keep the Wedding Party Small

With an intimate wedding, a cadre of five bridesmaids and five groomsmen just doesn't make sense. Heck, you could ditch the wedding party entirely. With just the couple and the officiant, the ceremony will truly feel intimate and romantic.

Small Ceremony

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5. Make it Magical

"Traditional" weddings can sometimes feel stark and cold--often because the venue is too large to adequately fill with gorgeous décor. Thus, your intimate wedding is perfect for a magical aesthetic. Cover surfaces in rich fabric and hang twinkle lights to add romantic ambient lighting.

Twinkle Lights

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