Incorporating Donuts Into Your Wedding

Just because it’s the tradition doesn’t mean you have to have a cake at your wedding. Embrace your love of donuts and serve these tasty round treats instead.

But how do you incorporate donuts into your wedding? Don’t just go with a boring dessert table. Place the sweet treat all over the reception. Having trouble picturing it? Read on for some seriously yummy inspiration.

1. The Donut Garnish

Okay, so maybe you’re a fan of both donuts and cake. Have some of both! In this case, a cake is garnished with cinnamon sugar mini donuts. This is also proof that donuts can be incredibly chic.

Doughnut Garnish | Incorporating Donuts Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsSummer Taylor Photography

2. A Tower of Cake and Donuts

What if a garnish just isn’t enough? You can still have the best of both worlds. Fill the bottom half of a tower with an assortment of different donuts, then perch the class tiered wedding cake on top. Now there’s a yummy dessert for everyone.

Cake and Doughnuts | Incorporating Donuts Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsDesire Dugan Photography

3. Donut “Cake” Toppers

Who are you kidding? You’d walk over hot coals to get to your favorite donut shop. Skip the cake entirely and stack of a tasty pyramid of these treats. At the top, you could perch some edible representations of the bride and groom. You could just go with a “cake” topper classic, like this “Oh So Sweet” topper.

Doughnut Cake Toppers | Incorporating Donuts Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsLisa Mark Photography

4. The Wall of Donuts

If you’re skipping a classic wedding cake, you might want to skip the stacked pyramid of donuts as well. Do something different by creating a wall of donuts. This is a weekend DIY project in the making. Hang a variety of donuts from pegs. Believe us, your guests will be drooling.

Doughnut Wall | Incorporating Donuts Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsOlivia Morgan Photography

5. Donut Wedding Favors

Guests love wedding favors. Anything that they can take home after the reception that they’ll actually use–or in this case, eat–will be a hit with friends and family alike. Krispy Kreme actually sells official wedding favors in cute boxes. If that’s not your favorite donut place, you could always fill favor bags with your top choice instead.

Krispy Kreme Wedding Favors | Incorporating Donuts Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsKrispy Kreme

6. All You Need is Love (And Maybe a Donut)

How do you incorporate the donut theme separate from the dessert table? How about a sign that says “All You Need is Love…And Maybe a Donut?”

Donut Sign | Incorporating Donuts Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsQuiet Like Horses