Pink wedding have always been a traditional and classic theme, that doesn’t mean you can’t make yours special and something different. For starters, stick with muted, pastel pinks to make the color scheme subtle and easy-on-the-eye. Aside from the obvious ways to add pink to your wedding, like with accessories and your bridal bouquet, there are other creative ways for incorporating pink into your wedding. From the outfits to the lighting, we’ve compiled ideas that you’re sure to love.

1. Pink Shoes for the Bride

Hidden under all the white ruffles and lace are your favorite pink shoes. Go for high heels in a pink that matches your wedding, or, if you’re more in the mood for comfort, reach for pink sneakers instead. Every time you twirl on the dance floor, guests will get a flash of pink.

Pink Shoes for the Bride | Incorporating Pink Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsMary Meghan Photography

2. Pink Accents for the Groom

It may be difficult to convince the groom to do an all-pink tuxedo. The next best thing? Pink accents! A pink tie, pocket square and boutonniere goes a long way to matching the theme of the wedding. A navy suit or tuxedo works perfectly as a color combo with a pretty pale pink.

Pink Accents for the Groom | Incorporating Pink Into Your Wedding | My Wedding Favors217 Photography

3. Pretty Pink Backdrop

Even if you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want a way to decorate the backdrop. String pink flowers together to create a floral curtain. Imagine getting your wedding photos taken in front of this! It could even be a good backdrop for a photo booth at the reception.

Pretty Pink Backdrop | Incorporating Pink Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsLaura Jane Photography

4. Romantic Reception Lighting

Don’t forget about the lighting. Add a few of these pink mercury candle holders to every reception table. The tealights or votive candles inside will cast a romantic light as guests eat a piece of your wedding cake. You could even let guests take them home as party favors when the night is over.

Romantic Reception Lighting | Incorporating Pink Into Your Wedding | My Wedding Favors

5. Shades of Pink Cake

Speaking of wedding cake, skip the plain white cake and go for pink instead. For example, this slice has a pink-to-white gradient that adds a subtle connection to the pink wedding theme without being over the top. Plus, the lack of fondant will make a lot of your guests happy. Show your cake baker this design and they’re sure to pull it off.

Shades of Pink Wedding Cake | Incorporating Pink Into Your Wedding | My Wedding FavorsSugar

6. Pink Wedding Favors

That pink wedding theme can also extend to the wedding favors. For instance, these “Cheers” bottle openers have a pretty pink while also being incredibly useful. Your guests will love them.

Pink Wedding Favors | Incorporating Pink Into Your Wedding | My Wedding Favors