Is This the Best New Wedding Trend Ever? Oh, Yes!

I certainly think so! It’s possibly the best new trend since personalized wedding favors. I’m talking about wedding gowns with pockets—a fashion-step forward that’s long overdue and, not surprisingly, sweeping the industry! My thanks to for this jewel.

Why am I so passionate about this trend? Because I haven’t carried a purse in more than 20 years. Since I”m already married, it’s too late for me to consider a wedding gown with pockets, but you have the opportunity, you lucky girl!

I used to work in TV news as a photographer, so I was in and out of a news van all day, carrying lots of equipment, and I quickly discovered I couldn’t keep up with a purse. Besides, my handbag had become a 20 lb. portable trash bag full of everything I thought was necessary to get through the day. Ironically, when I went to find something—wallet, checkbook, keys, gum—I’d have to dig around and unzip numerous compartments for 10 minutes before I located whatever I was looking for. Sound familiar?

All You Need Are Pockets!

It helped that I wore jeans to work almost every day. One day, I put my essentials—a new, small, thin wallet with cash and credit cards, my reading glasses and my keys—in the pockets of my jeans, and I’ve never looked back. I discovered that I didn’t need to primp and fix my make-up all day long. I learned that, if I don’t take my checkbook with me unless I know I’ll be writing a check, I spend less money. And I cut the time it took me to find something from 10 minutes to 10 seconds. It was a liberating moment for me, and I’ve been happily unencumbered ever since. I just make sure my clothes—from casual to formal, have pockets. Easy!

Convenience Plus!

Let’s look at this from a practical standpoint: If you get a wedding gown with pockets, you save money on one of those little clutch bags that you might never use again. If you’re on the dance floor and need a tissue to dab some perspiration, you don’t have to go back to your table—just reach in your pocket and pull it out. Your cell phone, a mirror, a tube of lipstick, whatever you absolutely need will be at your fingertips from the moment you put on the gown to the moment you take it off.

As you can see in the photos, the pockets can be discretely hidden between the pleats of most dresses. And judging from what I’ve seen, the dresses are as beautifully designed as the pocket-less gowns of yesterday. Take it from me, ladies—pitch the purse. You’ll never regret it!