Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Horror!

When I got to work this morning, I was going to blog about a totally different subject. Then came the announcement that Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce. Had we had one, I would have won the office pool! From the beginning, I’ve said her marriage won’t last more than two months. One of my co-workers who actually cried when she watched the wedding on TV feels taken on so many levels. If I had been a guest at their wedding, I’d ask for my wedding gift back.

Gotta say–I’m not a fan of the Kardashians or their show. I’ll give them credit for knowing how to make money simply by looking like idiots. They do excel at that. Don’t get me wrong–for that kind of money, I’d have no problem letting the world perceive me as an idiot. I’d feel like a complete fool all the way to the bank. I’m sure you already know that reality shows, including the Kardashian’s, are scripted. So much for reality.

Do Tell!

This question is for those of you who are fans of the Kardashians: Has Kim’s $10M wedding, followed by her doomed, two-month marriage, made you feel differently about your passion for the Kardashians? If so, why? If not, why not?

My unique wedding favor suggestion for Kim’s next wedding? The “It’s About Time! Let’s Celebrate!” Champagne Bucket Timer, of course. It lets you time anywhere from one to sixty minutes, which should be more than enough for her guests to keep track of the length of her next marriage…