Know Your Nuts–All Jordan Almonds Aren’t Created Equal!

What’s the most requested candy placed in do-it-yourself favor boxes? Jordan Almonds! These sweet little beauties are a wedding must because of their symbolism and crunchy goodness. Available in tons of colors, from metallic gold to bright white, you’ll find them packaged to perfection at the finest weddings everywhere. But, there are two things you might not know about these sugar-coated candies (also called Confetti, Bomboniere and Dragees)– the symbolism behind the sweetness and the little-known difference between them.

Sweet symbolism

Before sugar-coated almonds came on the wedding scene around the 13th century, nobility gave sugar cubes (which were rare at the time) and then plain almonds. But, Jordan almonds combined the two traditions of almonds and sugar into a single gift. How ingenious! The symbolism of this pairing soon became a representation of the bitter sweetness often found in marriage. You’ll typically see these sugared almonds presented in sets of five to represent the five aspects of marriage that are wished for every couple: fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

The heart of the matter

While most Jordan almonds look the same on the outside (except for the color, of course), they may not look the same on the inside. Cracking the crunchy coating reveals that there are actually three grades of candies–Super Fine, Extra Fine and Fine:


  • Super Fine – This is the finest (and most expensive, except for metallics) grade of Jordan Almonds. It features a large almond and the least amount of sugar and flour coating, which makes it the easiest on your teeth.
  • Extra Fine – A medium grade of almonds with slightly more sugar and flour than the Super Fine grade but still pliable and delicious.
  • Fine – This grade contains more sugar and flour than the other grades and is the least supple of the three of almonds. They are also the least expensive and are typically used for affordable wedding favors.

Our Boxes Make ‘Em Beautiful!

No matter which grade you choose, Jordan almonds always make a lovely presentation, especially when paired with unique favor boxes and containers.