Let Your Wedding Favor You With Rain!

First, I must tell you I’m in the running for the least superstitious person on the planet. After years of observation, it’s clear to me that good luck charms, rituals and adherence to the laws of superstition do not play a part in the natural events of life. And when it comes to rain on your wedding day, the superstitions actually conflict! Part of the world believes rain on your wedding day means good luck, part believe it’s bad luck, and the people with level heads believe rain on your wedding day should dampen everything but your spirits. Remember, rain helps things grow and thrive. In fact, rain or shine, “Romance in the Rain” makes a beautiful theme for an indoor wedding!

The Invitations

A simple wedding invitation design can include beautiful, embossed, white flowers with blue and clear crystal “droplets” to set the stage.

Color Scheme

Think pale blues, soft white and crystal-clear.

Your Attire

Imagine your gown adorned with droplets of clear crystals–a magnificent way to bring the beauty of rain shimmering as you walk down the aisle. Instead of a tiara, you might choose to wear lovely, fragrant plumeria as part of your hairstyle, with a few sparkling crystal droplets on the petals. Your bouquet and bridemaids’ dresses might also be accented with crystals, and don’t forget a few crystal accents on the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

The Ceremony and Reception

Have your florist include crystal accents in the flower arrangements for the ceremony and the centerpieces for the reception tables. Crystal spray sticks can easily add “raindrops” to your bouquet and your table decor. You can even buy loose raindrop-shaped rhinestones or crystals to scatter on the tables around the centerpieces.

Create the illusion of rain with long strings of crystal bead garlands dangling from the ceiling, scattered throughout the hall, stopping eight feet from the floor. You can find these and all the other decorations I’ve mentioned online.

Even your wedding cake can be topped with a decoration reminiscent of the gentle rain from heaven! The right lighting design can create a stunning effect during your ceremony and your reception.

“Without the rain, we wouldn’t have rainbows.”

Wedding Favors

love-dove.jpgseedpacket.jpg The beauty of a rain-themed wedding is that there are so many meaningful wedding favors available. Silver wedding favors like the “Love Dove” Chrome Bottle Opener (left) would look lovely on the tables. Clear glass favors would also be lovely. The L-O-V-E Glass Coasters are practical and perfectly matched to the theme. Of course, will all the love “raining down” on your reception, perhaps the best favor of all would be a plantable favor or wildflower seed packets (right,) so your guests can be reminded of your special day every time it rains, making wonderful things grow!