Makeup Dos and Don’ts For Perfect Wedding Day Photos

Image Courtesy of Wedding Wire and Jonathan Ivy Photography

You’ve spent all this time and money planning one of the most important days of your life, and rightfully so! But before you plan out your makeup for your wedding day, listen to this sage advice: your makeup doesn’t always look the same in pictures as it does in real life.

That’s right! You could wear the most beautiful and chic makeup look ever, yet it could turn out to look like a disaster once you get your pictures from the photographer. No one wants that.

Try These Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Day Makeup

  • Do… use loose translucent powder to blot away shiny skin that’ll light up on camera. Apply a thin layer right before the photoshoot. If you don’t like powder, use oil-blotting sheets instead.
  • Don’t… wear lots of under-eye concealer. While it may look great in person, most concealers look ghostly on camera, especially when they have reflective particles or a white base. Stick with a foundation close to your natural skin color to even out the tone under your eyes, rather than a concealer.
  • Do… limit use of shimmer eye shadows and face powders. While a little bit of shimmer can make you look brighter, too much will reflect unnaturally on camera.
  • Don’t… wear mascara or eyeliner on your bottom lid. Even if you normally play it cool and stoic, there’s a big chance you’ll cry at your wedding. You’re only human! Cut down on the raccoon eyes by limiting the amount of makeup where the waterworks build up.
  • Do… reserve darker eye shadow looks for night weddings. As much as you may love your super dark “smoky eye,” this can look out of place during the day, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding or outdoor wedding portraits.
  • Don’t… rely solely on your makeup artist. Paying to get your makeup done on your big day will take some of the pressure off, but don’t get complacent. Ask your makeup artist to follow the tips above to make sure you look great in pictures and give any opinions or suggestion on how you want to look. Just remember to say it nicely. You don’t want to be labeled a “bride-zilla!”
  • Do… try out your makeup with test pictures before the big day. If it doesn’t look right on the LCD screen of your digital camera, it won’t look good when captured by a professional.