Mattel Announces Will and Kate Wedding Dolls

Ken and Barbie who?

They might have corvettes, beach houses in Malibu, and a smiling entourage of fantastic, plastic friends, but Mattel’s signature duo are no match for royalty. The iconic toy company has announced plans to release William and Catherine wedding dolls this April, which falls right in line with the Duke and Duchess’ one-year anniversary. It goes without saying that the toy team over at Mattel has devoted meticulous attention to the pair’s scaled-down wedding day garb:


Image Courtesy of Mattel


Mini-Middleton boasts her mini-McQueen gown (complete with faux pearl buttons), a sparkly tiara, and a lace veil, and Mini-Will looks as dashing as any man doll could in his medallion-adorned Irish Guard uniform…and a full head of hair! The only thing missing in this tiny royal wedding is Pippa and Pippa’s eponymous butt. Just kidding. She’s not missing at all. The folks over at Herobuilders already made her. (Just be forewarned: Doll Pippa vaguely resembles a steroid-enhanced Austrian bodybuilder.)

If the thought of waiting two months for Mattel’s release of Will and Kate plunges you into tearful dismay, take heart. You can pre-order the pair for $100 on Or you can scratch your celebrity doll itch by ordering Edward and Bella, released just this month. We ask you: is there anything that says “I’m sorry I forgot Valentine’s Day” like a tiny, pale, tuxedo-clad vampire?

Tell us what you think about the royal wedding dolls: classic collectibles? Or just plain creepy?