MySpace Enters Wedding Planning Business?!

If you’re looking for a wedding planner, you can now add MySpace to the list of choices. Yes, MySpace has entered the wonderful world of weddings to develop a reality Web show with a twist. In case you haven’t heard, they’re looking for one lucky couple who would allow MySpace users to totally plan every detail of the wedding.

Would you trust your big day to MySpace?

The show, called “Get Married on MySpace,” will follow one engaged couple as the MySpace community plans their wedding. Users will vote on the bride’s dress, the couple’s rings, the wedding location, and even the lucky couple themselves. Hopefully, it will end up being the wedding of their dreams, but I’m sure the couple will be in for some surprises. It will be interesting to see how these sometimes oversexed and over-texted teens would plan a wedding for a mature bride, for instance. Or if they throw in a twist like having to plan the entire thing with a $1,000 budget. Either way, they’re definitely taking social networking to the next level. Keep up with the wedding planning details by logging on to MySpace between May and August for the series that will end with the wedding as the big finale.

My Wedding Favors gets my vote!

While no information has been released about whether users will also choose the couple’s wedding favors, it will be a tough decision if these unique wedding favors makes the list. Let me know what you think about my top “vote-getters” from My Wedding Favors! They’re brand new for 2009.