Now, That’s A Bridal Party!

This beer-guzzling bride and her helpful attendants definitely give new meaning to the words “bridal party!”

I never thought I would see the day when a beautiful bride would be hoisted up like a side of beef just to get a drink (That beer must be mighty tasty!) Maybe someone should have suggested a glass mug instead.

I also never thought I’d hear of an “after party” for the wedding reception (that’s right, an after party.”) But as I thumbed through a magazine, right there in front of me was a “how-to” guide on planning the perfect wedding after party. Maybe I’m just a little old-fashioned or maybe I would just want my new hubby all to myself, but when the wedding is over…it’s over! Do couples really want to spend all day AND all night with their family and friends on their wedding day? Whatever happened to the romance that usually follows the reception? I’m reminded of a story about a just-married couple who was accompanied to the hotel by family members, taking pictures of every awkward moment–even when the groom stumbled carrying his bride across the threshold. They actually followed the newlyweds into the room and stayed for hours. Come on people. Give the Mr. and Mrs. a much-needed and deserved break.

Maybe the family members were just having such a great time that they wanted the fun to keep going (or maybe they were just nosy.) Whichever the case, why not send the newlyweds off with some delightful candles instead? They will certainly help keep the flame of their love aglow. Or slip some of these wedding cameras into their suitcases, and encourage them to take lots of pictures while they’re on their honeymoon. When you see the photos, it’ll be just like you were there!