Pam Anderson Now Against Marriage

Mr. Christopher reporting on news that you can roll your eyes too. Actress/Model Pamela Anderson has decided that marriage is not for her. After being married three times and failing miserably each time, Pamela Anderson has decided that being married doesn’t suit her anymore. Pamela appeared in Hollywood for the premiere of the movie spoof film “The Superhero Movie” in a tight white dress. One of her fans shouted that he was getting married in the Summer to which Pamela replied, “Really? I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t really recommend it.”

Maybe she would have a better shot at marriage if she actually fell in love with someone and stopped tramping herself out. Her last marriage was annulled just recently. That was the marriage where she indicated that she slept with Rick Salomon to pay off gambling debts and then fell in lust with him. Most know Rick Salomon from his co-starring role in the Paris Hilton sex tape. Of course the only thing they had in common was that she herself had made a sex tape with her previous husband Tommy Lee. What more do you have to have in common with someone? That’s love in the making baby! Head to the kitchen folks! We have a great recipe for disaster.

So she let the tainting of her last 2 celebrity-marriages cloud her judgment on the beautiful ceremonial blessing of matrimony. So if you’re getting married and must listen to or be influenced by what actors, actresses, singers or other talentless hacks have to say, do us a favor and just ignore the ramblings of this bleach blond bimbo. Marriage is a God given right of passage for two people that truly love each other. Pamela has yet to experience the true meaning of what marriage is. She’s confused into thinking that marriage is simply a piece of paper that gives you permission to sleep with someone you’re temporarily attracted to so that people don’t call you a tramp. In a world that increasingly looks upon marriage as simply a silly little ritual, I implore you to actually fall in love and realize how important and honorable that it actually is and ignore the ramblings of a woman whose claim to fame is completely based on sex.