Personalized Wedding Favors: The Ribbon Says It All

chocoalte-box-favor.jpgAs brides make every effort to give each detail of their wedding a personal touch, a small detail is often overlooked–the ribbon. It’s an oh-so-subtle detail that can elevate your wedding favors to a more personal level. You’ve seen them, the luxurious, satin ribbons that have been emblazon with the bride and groom’s name and date. They can turn even the plainest of gifts into a striking keepsake. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate custom ribbon to your personalized wedding favors.

Tie On A Charm: Dressing up your favors with a heart-shaped or monogrammed charm can be just the finishing touch your gifts need. More than just adding color, it makes a statement.

ribbon-wand.jpgHave A Wand-erful Sendoff: What a unique way for guests to wish you well! This wand is made entirely of ribbon that can be personalized to include a special message or the couple’s name and wedding date. Just like at some sporting events, guests can wave these ribbon wands to demonstrate that they’re your biggest fans. And the best part is that they are eco-friendly (no bird seeds or rice to clean up.)

All tied up: Whether your imprinted ribbon is pre-cut or on a roll, it can really help tie your wedding together. Place them around candy jars, favor boxes or just about any item as a unique way to add a personal touch to every part of your special day.