Bring Something Different To The Table: Personalized Placemats

Centerpieces, place card holders and place settings–those are the typical things a bride might include at the table. But, why set the same old table when you can give it a personal touch with personalized placemats?

On a day when every detail matters and brides are looking for unique ways to set their wedding apart, you can add a special touch to your tables with this unique wedding idea. Whether you use them as table decor or personalized wedding favors, I was amazed at the variety of styles to choose from.

From cute, disposable designs like the cherry blossom placemat below to ones that are almost like a photo journal (check out the one on the left) and even fun ones that include trivia about the couple, get inspired with a few styles I saw online.

Why is this rising trend taking over tables everywhere?

  • They’re great conversation starters! Giving guests something to talk about other than how long it’s taking for the wedding party to arrive, baby pictures, engagement photos and even trivia are like a walk down memory lane.
  • They can also double as a unique wedding favor. Add information about the bride and groom, tell the story of how you met or share what your future plans are. It makes each one a unique keepsake.
  • Setting a theme at the table is a breeze because they easily coordinate with your your themed wedding favors and decor. For example, the cherry blossom place mat is perfect for Asian weddings, garden weddings or spring weddings.
  • They’re great for bridal showers, too!