Planning Your Wedding Decor? Pink Is The Color of Love!

Yes, it’s true. Pink is the universal color of love. And pink comes in so many fabulous, fun shades, it’s easy to find one that complements your favorite color (if it’s not already pink!) The Chinese art of feng shui (decorating to create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony) is partial to pink because it’s believed that pink literally soothes the heart and fills it with love! If you fill your ceremony and reception venue with pink accents, your guests will be surrounded by heartfelt love. Wow. What a powerful color! And there are so many areas in your wedding design and decor that can be infused with pink, right down to the pink wedding favors.


There are more than 36 different shades of pink, which include hot pink, cherry blossom pink, French rose, coral pink, lavender rose, dark pink, magenta, fuchsia, carnation pink, cerise and, of course, shocking pink. If this doesn’t get you to think pink, nothing will—except, perhaps, these incredible pink wedding favors.

pink-coasters.jpg Each guest gets a set of two, hmmmm, I’d say these are carnation pink coasters with a white floral design if you choose the “Picture Perfect” Glass Photo Coasters. You can also use these coasters as place cards or to give a favorite photo of the blushing bride (oooh! another shade of pink!) and her groom to all your family and friends. I’m sure you notice how beautiful they look with the pink place setting.

buttercream-dreams-candle.jpg Maybe you just want to light up the room with spring-inspired pink. For that, I’d recommend the “Buttercream Dreams” Candle Cake on a Porcelain Pedestal. The light touches of refreshing green and the multiple shades of pink definitely give this sweet favor a seasonal look. I love that it’s on a little, porcelain pedestal, too. Even after the candle is gone, guests can use it for other candles.

heart-translucent-bottle-stopper.jpg Just as pretty and practical is the “Sweetheart” Translucent Pink Bottle Stopper. This bottle stopper (a pure pink color, to me) looks lovely in a half-full bottle of wine or champagne (oooh! pink champagne—another popular way to parade the pink,) but your non-drinking friends can also use it to pop the stopper in their partially used soda bottles to prevent the fizz from fizzling out.

You can find many more pink favors at Just remember to THINK PINK!