Pros Versus Cons: Should You Have an Child-Free Wedding?

You’ve probably heard of a new trend that some couples are using for their big day: a child-free wedding. Rather than having little ones running around, some brides and grooms are requesting that children be left at home.

Child-Free Wedding Pros and Cons | | Image: IPGGutenbergUKLtd / iStockPhotoIPGGutenbergUKLtd / iStockPhoto

But is a child-free wedding right for you? This can be a bit of a minefield if you choose to go this route, so make sure it’s the correct move for you before declaring it to your guests.

Adult Themes

There are times when it doesn’t work to have kids at a wedding. Whether you’re going to rock an open bar or you want a club-like atmosphere for the wedding reception, these options aren’t exactly kid-friendly. Plus, if you make your reception child-free, the adults will feel way more comfortable letting loose.

Offending Others

You’re guaranteed to offend people if your wedding is adults-only. Even if you aren’t targeting specific families, someone will take it personally. That’s especially the case if there are only one or two kids who would come anyway. If you go child-free, it’s very likely you’ll receive some backlash. As long as it’s handled delicately and appropriately, hopefully those parents will understand.

Intimate Gatherings

If you’re keeping your guest list small, a great way to pare it down is by limiting it to adults. You’ll have a much easier time fitting into that cute little venue you’re using for your reception.

Sharing With the Whole Family

Are those kids you’re thinking of not inviting to the wedding family? If family is a big deal to you, it’s best to invite them. After all, weddings are mostly about celebrating your union with the people you love.

Child-Led Disasters

Though drunk adults sometimes get into more trouble than children do, kids are still often magnets for disaster. From broken vases to screaming during the vows, you can avoid all of this if you go kid-free.

Saving Money

Weddings are expensive, and every person you invite will cost a small fortune. You can cut down your wedding budget if it’s an adults-only wedding.

A Dwindling Guest List

Whether they’re offended by your rules or they just can’t get a babysitter, there’ll be a higher chance of people RSVPing “no” to your soiree. However, if you send guests invitations in advance and tell everyone early, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The Personalities of the Bride and Groom

Listen, if you aren’t a fan of kids, you don’t have to invite them. Sure, some people will take issue with your choice, but ultimately, this is your big day. You can choose do whatever you want.

What do you think? Did you choose to go child-free for your wedding?