Publish Your Own Wedding Magazine with

What fun! Here’s a Web site that puts you and your groom-to-be on the cover and back cover of a “magazine.” You can use them as invitations, centerpieces and even favors! A personalized magazine cover allows you to “create a party favor, gift, table centerpiece and keepsake that is as unique as your relationship.” Here are some particulars from their Web site:

  • You create it yourself online using their creative guidance system.
  • Not only are the photos personalized, but all the headlines are specifically about the couple, their wedding, family and friends.
  • There’s a back cover that can be personalized, too. You can upload up to 5 more photos on the back, and there is room for an Editor’s Note, a masthead, a Top 10 List and an additional Facts About section. A wedding-themed background image is also included.
  • You don’t have to be witty or clever to write all the personalized text. They provide you with suggestions. For example, if sports are an important topic, then choose from among many different headlines about sports and just personalize them with the appropriate names! There are many categories of suggestions for headlines, the Top 10 List and the Editor’s Note.
  • Printing is done on heavy, glossy paper and it is full-bleed, which means the color goes all the way to the edge of the paper; there is no white border around the edge so it looks and feels like a real magazine cover.
  • Your personal issue arrives in a deluxe acrylic frame so that everyone can see both the front and back, or a wood frame, plus you can order extra copies to share with family, friends and guests.

Very cool idea. But if that’s not your style, look for wedding centerpieces and wedding favors on, where you’ll find centerpieces and favors that suit your personality and the decor of your reception!