Purple plus Gold equals Elegance

Choosing the perfect colors for your wedding theme can be a challenging task. There are so many colors to choose from and finding the right color combination might seem impossible.

Here is one color combination you are sure to love and is both elegant and beautiful: Purple and Gold!

There are many ways to incorporate your wedding colors into your wedding. However, the occasion where you can really go wild with the wedding colors you choose is your wedding reception.

Here are some ideas and inspiration for your elegant purple and gold wedding reception.


Purple invitations with gold accents will set the tone for your wedding’s color theme.


A purple and gold wedding reception will be elegant and inviting for all of your guests.


Your reception can be decorated with a lovely combination of multiple shades of purple with gold accents.


Or one majestic purple hue that emanates throughout the room.


Your table settings can be primarily golden with gold plates, silverware, and gold-rimmed glasses.


While your cake could be a perfect blend of both purple and gold.