Scrumptious Inspiration for Your Wedding Cupcakes

Though a full wedding cake is the traditional way to add a sweet touch to a wedding reception, there’s another tasty alternative: cupcakes. With wedding cupcakes, your guests get their very own expertly decorated cake. Plus, they’re portable so guests can even dance with a cupcake in hand.

Not sure if you want to go with cupcakes for your wedding? Check out these inspiring wedding cupcakes to help sway your decision.

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Normally, wedding cake served to guests comes with a standard swath of frosting and little or no decoration. With a cupcake, they can get a fun design along with their cake.

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A major bonus for cupcakes over a traditional wedding cake is the variety. You can choose from several types of cake and frosting so there’s something for everyone.

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An alternative to the cupcake is the mini cake. While the same size as a cupcake, mini cakes don’t have the paper cup and are decorated just like a full cake. This is a more elegant way to have individual cakes for guests if you’re worried that cupcakes might seem too casual.

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Of course, you could always have both cupcakes and mini cakes. The best of both worlds!

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If you’re worried that you won’t be able to have a cake topper with cupcakes, don’t be. You can still stick a fun bride and groom in two cakes at the top of your cupcake tower.

Will you go for cupcakes for your wedding, or will you stick to a traditional cake design?