“Shoes” from These Three Well-Heeled Bridal Shower Favors!

Be honest, girls! What gets our adrenalin flowing? Shoe shopping! What do we need most to match an outfit? Shoes! What sends our ego over the moon when a guy compliments them? Shoes! What makes us stand tall and sexy? Shoes!

So it makes perfect sense to be “shoes-y” with bridal shower favors, because we love shoes any way we can get them. So I’ve picked my three choices for fun, practical bridal shower favors that will walk away with lots of compliments at your event!

shoe-thing.jpg GREAT FOR OPENERS!

It’s classy, it’s cute, it’s creatively gift-boxed, and it’s a shoe—a shoe that opens bottles. How much fun would it be to pull out this handy, high-heeled bottle opener to open bottled drinks at your next beach party or backyard bash? “It’s A Shoe Thing!” is a shiny, chrome shoe, too small for your foot—but big enough to make an amazing impression at the shower.


fashionista-luggage-tag.jpg I’m crazy about the “First-Class Fashionista” Luggage Tag, because it says something exciting about you everywhere you go. But you’d better have a suitcase filled with super-hot shoes, because those guys in customs, airport security and at the hotel will be expecting to see some fancy footwear!


shoe-cake-server.jpg and places it perfectly on a plate! The “Slice of Style” Stainless-Steel, High-Heel Cake Server, like the other two shoe-shaped favors, is also ideal for a girls’-night-out gift. I don’t know about you, but I love cake almost as much as I love shoes, and this sassy cake server can dress up any party table that has a cake waiting to be sliced. Your shower guests will eat it up!

I leave you with sage advice: “Shoes” Wisely