Should Facebook Invites Replace Your Wedding Invitations?

Technology is ever-present these days. More ebooks are replacing physical, printed books and people use their smartphones for darn near everything.

But should this tech-only bent extend to your wedding?

Classic Wedding Invitations from MyWeddingFavors

Should you use Facebook invites instead of classic wedding invitations?

There’s definitely an appeal when it comes to sending wedding invites electronically. You can ship them out with a click of the mouse, rather than spending days addressing envelopes. But are there downsides to this?

For big weddings: Stick to traditional invitations. There’s a very good chance that not everyone in your invite list has a Facebook account. Just think of your grandma. Does she have an account? Probably not.

In order to make sure that everyone gets your invitation, send it the regular way: snail mail.

For small weddings: Super small, intimate weddings of a dozen or less people may be fine with only a Facebook event invitation. Just make sure that everyone is on Facebook and uses it regularly enough to see the event.

If you’re concerned at all that someone might not get an electronic invite, it’s always best to stick with the traditional invitation method. Plus, traditional wedding invitations can look a lot more elegant than a Facebook page.