Should I Have a Themed Wedding?

One of the very first tasks you need to accomplish when you start planning your wedding–after picking the date, of course–is your wedding’s theme. In most cases, the bride and groom choose a traditional, classic wedding with a color scheme of one or two colors.

But what about a themed wedding? Rather than the traditional elements, themed weddings draw in elements from a central idea, often a book, movie or TV show. Popular wedding themes include the Great Gatsby, Doctor Who, Cowboy Chic, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Superheroes, Halloween and more.

Should You Have a Themed Wedding? Great Gatsby Wedding

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Before you decide if a themed wedding is right for you, answer these five important questions:

  1. Are both the bride and groom on board? While a princess themed wedding may be a dream for the bride, is the groom excited to act as Prince Charming? If not, the intense planning of the themed wedding may cause discord. Go with something you’ll both like.
  2. Does the theme hold significance for the happy couple? In the end, this event isn’t just a fun costume party–it’s a celebration of your love. If you go with a theme, pick one that’s special to you both. Perhaps you bonded over your mutual love for Harry Potter. In that case, giving wands as party favors is a must!
  3. Will it be fun for everyone? Some themes call for more demand from guests than others. A cowboy chic wedding may only suggest cowboy boots and hats for guests, while a Halloween wedding requires guests to don an entire costume. Think about who you’re inviting. If your guests are game, then go for it.
  4. Consider the monetary and time-related costs. It’s easy to find decorations and party favors for a traditional wedding, but when it comes to a theme, it’s not so easy. You may end up having to DIY most of your wedding elements or buy them from specialty craftsmen. Keep that in mind.
  5. Do you want something truly unique? If so, then you know your answer.

What theme will you choose?