Should I Use Shimmery Makeup on My Wedding Day?

Shimmery makeup, whether it’s a metallic eye shadow or an eye-brightening concealer, is a great way to brighten up your face. But, is it really appropriate for your wedding? If you’re thinking about using shimmery makeup for your wedding day beauty routine, you might be making the wrong choice.

Image copyright incurable_hippie

Here’s the truth about shimmery makeup: it looks different in photos compared to how it looks in person. You could dust your cheeks with a shimmery highlighter and look like a princess in real life, but a clown in pictures, covered in white face paint.

The reason for this is shimmer’s reflective power. Under normal daylight, or even the romantic shine from the lighting at your wedding reception, the shimmer looks just as it’s supposed to: pretty and delicate. But, once a photographer uses a flash, the shimmer reflects back into the lens and those areas of your face look brighter and whiter than the rest.

This is especially the case with under-eye concealer. You see it all the time with paparazzi shots of actress Eva Longoria. When you’re looking for a concealer to hide your dark circles, choose one without shimmer. Avoid anything that says “brightening,” or you may end up looking like a ghost in your wedding photos.

And, if you really want to shimmer, test out your wedding day makeup weeks before the big day. Ask your wedding photographer to take a few test shots with the equipment she’ll be using. If it works in the test shots, it’ll work on your wedding day.