Should You Have Your Sibling in Your Bridal Party?

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Once you become officially engaged, you quickly learn that there are a ton of opinions coming at you from every angle. Whether it’s from a bridal magazine or just your Aunt Annie, you’ll hear “it’s tradition” an awful lot. It ranges from what you wear, what you say for your vows and who’s invited to the wedding. Honestly, it can be a little overwhelming.

One topic up for debate? Having a sibling in your bridal party. Talk to family members of the older generation and they’ll say: “Of course you should have your sister be a bridesmaid. In fact, she should be maid of honor.” Then you turn to friends or magazines and you might hear: “The bridal party is about bringing your friends together. Only add family if you’re trying to fill in the numbers.”

You see what the problem here is, though? Both answers forget one important part of picking the bridal party: It should be filled with the people you care about the most. No matter their age, origin or relation to you, it’s always good to pick the people you connect with and who you intend to be a large part of your life for years to come.

Quick Tips for Picking Your Bridal Party

You might be asking, “Then who do I choose if there are no easy rules?” For starters, think about not only the length of your relationships, but their future as well. Childhood friends are a great choice if you happen to still see them into adulthood.

That’s why siblings can be a great choice for a bridal party. They’ll be your brother or sister for the rest of your lives!

That being said, some relationships aren’t as rock solid as others. A good rule of thumb is to pick people because you want them to be with you on the big day, and don’t choose someone based purely on a sense of obligation.

Finally, choose a bridal party that actually wants the job. There’s a lot that goes into being a bridesmaid, and not everyone wants that kind of role. Get a feel for the people on your “Maybe” list and choose from there.

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You Know What’s Best

It all boils down to this: When you pictured your big day, even before you ever got engaged, you had an image of who would be standing with you at the front of the room. Remember, this is your decision. Go with your gut and choose those people who you love, even if that means you’re sprinkling in a few siblings.