Should You Wear White Eyeliner on Your Wedding Day?

White is the classic color for a traditional wedding. Even weddings that push the envelope when it comes to tradition usually feature white accents here and there. But when it comes to your wedding day beauty routine, will white eyeliner be a part of you repertoire?

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Before you scoff at the idea, let’s get one thing straight: You don’t have to wear white eyeliner like you would any other color. In fact, a thick line of white on your top lid would probably make you stand out in a bad way, and you don’t want to do that on your wedding day.

The Best Way to Wear White Eyeliner on Your Wedding Day

Instead, you’ll want to line your lower waterline with white eyeliner. What’s the lower waterline? That’s the strip of skin between your lashes and your eye. Lining this area with white will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Plus, when you cry during your nuptials, it won’t melt down your face like black eyeliner would! Bonus! Learn more white eyeliner tips from Makeup Files.

Will you use white eyeliner on your wedding day?