Spring Wedding Floral Inspiration

Spring Wedding Floral Inspiration

Your spring wedding is getting closer by the day, and it's time to start thinking about one of the best parts of a spring wedding: The flowers. This season is all about the plants, trees, and bushes coming to life after a long winter. Your wedding should reflect the splendor that's happening all around you. But don't get too worried about your floral decor. We've got you covered for floral inspiration so your wedding looks like a gorgeous spring wonderland.

1. Seasonal Spring Wedding Bouquet

The first step is to pick flowers for your bouquet that represent the spring season. We're talking hydrangea, lilacs, tulips, crocus, and rhododendron. By picking flowers that are in-season, you'll avoid any wilting mishaps or desperate calls from the florist.

Spring Wedding Bouquet

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2. Rustic Floral Arches

Skip the orderly floral arches and go with something rustic this spring. Incorporate branches and leaves of different sizes and shapes to create a unique arch. Smaller white flowers and lavender work perfectly to complete the look.


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3. Floral Guest Greetings

As you plan out your seating arrangement, consider using spring flowers in your place settings. Just a simple sprig of flowers laid out on a plate, along with the guest's name, create a chic greeting. Sometimes the smallest and simplest design choices make the biggest impact.

Floral Place Setting


4. Draped Floral Waterfalls

If you have a big floral budget or access to a whole host of spring buds, create floral waterfalls. Hang these off of wedding reception tables, the gift table or off the backs of chairs. Imagine the deep fragrance surrounding each waterfall--gorgeous!

Floral Waterfalls

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5. Low and Romantic Centerpieces

As you think about centerpieces, remember to leave room for guests. While large bouquets are appealing in theory, they block faces and make it impossible to have a conversation from across the table. For your spring wedding, go low for your floral bouquets--your guests will appreciate it.

Low Bouquets

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