Style Tips for Your Upcoming Engagement Shoot

Style Tips for Your Upcoming Engagement Shoot

Planning a photo shoot to celebrate your recent engagement is one of the more exciting things to check off your list as you get things together for your future big day. After you nail down a photographer and choose the perfect photo venue, the final remaining detail is to establish the perfect outfits for you and your partner to wear. While you can always search for inspiration online to get a feel for what you like best, there are a few general style tips you should consider beforehand. Keep the style tips below in the back of your mind as you plan your engagement outfits to ensure that both you and your partner feel and look your best as you capture this special moment.

Have A Mask Ready

No matter where you venture out to nowadays, you should always have a mask on hand as an essential aspect of your daily style, even for your engagement shoot. Though you may plan to take most of your photos outside, you never know what might be thrown your way on the day of, which could result in some indoor photos and masks to be necessary. Beyond this, having even just a few photos with your mask on to commemorate the unique circumstances of the world during your engagement will be a fun story to share with family in the future! While the color and pattern of your mask might not have mattered in the past, investing in versatile face coverings that go with every outfit before you settle on your final look is a great way to be prepared before the shoot. Look for classic white face masks that encourage you to embrace traditional bridal colors while also keeping you safe. Even though having to bring along a mask is not ideal, you can always add a personal touch to a simple white mask by adding some cross stitching with you and your partner's initials or by getting crafty with some jewels/glitter to have your mask truly express the kind of bride you want to be. Coordinate your mask with your partners to ensure you won’t clash, and make the most out of having to wear a face covering by instead trying to focus on how special the milestone of engagement is.

Wear Complimentary Layers

As you try on different outfits to nail down the style that makes you feel your best, it’s important for you to have a plan for what you want to wear under your look first. Scratchy undergarments, bunchy tank tops, and see-through colors can end up being distracting in your final photos, especially if you plan to wear white. To avoid having to juggle multiple layers, opt for one layer that easily blends in with your skin tone while also highlighting your figure, like shapewear. Investing in a supportive layer of body-sculpting shapewear is the perfect way to compliment your physique and elevate any outfit. Don’t let the foundation of your style trip you up by complicating things, instead choose a base layer that will make you feel your best. Opting to wear form-fitting shapewear underneath will allow you to smooth out any areas you want to hide from your photos, ensuring you feel confident in yourself for the entirety of the shoot so that it shines through the final product!

Choose Coordinating Colors

While you don’t want to match your partner exactly in your photos, coordinating colors that are neutral enough to go together is an absolute must. Since the bride is usually more likely to nail down an outfit first, try to base your color palette off of this. For example, if you land on a maroon dress to wear for a holiday-themed engagement shoot, make sure that whatever your partner wears comes from a similar palette. A solid grey or black sweater will maintain the deeper/darker colors of the colder season without looking too coordinated. Once you have the most prominent clothing shades nailed down, make sure you also consider other subtle areas that can sometimes distract with color, like your makeup. Choose a nude eyeshadow palette that goes with any color combination you end up landing on. Certain nude tones can add just enough color to ensure you don’t look washed out in photos, without your makeup appearing overpowering. If you’re still unsure of where to start to keep the colors in your photos consistent, try experimenting on your own by using a color scheme generator. This will allow you to visualize how you want to coordinate your colors, before making a final decision!

Incorporate Intentional Accessories

Lastly, incorporating accessories within your look that are both eye-catching and meaningful is the perfect way for your engagement shoot to stand out among the rest. Since many accessories tend to be seasonal, consider the time of year you’re planning your shoot for and choose what you want to add to your look accordingly. During the colder months, a plaid scarf can add a colorful touch to your photos, while still staying in the seasonal spirit. Or, another great way to add hidden sentimental elements to your photos is by wearing subtle items that are important to both you and your partner. From donning jewelry that your grandparents once wore to incorporating a watch from anniversaries past, small intentional accessory touches can make all the difference when you look back on these memories in the future.