Even if you plan on sticking with a white dress, incorporating color into your wedding is a great way to add some of your awesome personality to the big day.

With a summer wedding, try yellow as your accent color. Yellow provides the fun, sunny and cheerful lift that can turn even a rained-out wedding into something fun and magical.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and After Yes

Incorporate yellow into your flower arrangements. A yellow bouquet screams “summer wedding!”

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Pam Cooley Photography

Small accents, like yellow shoes or a yellow boutonniere, add a pop of color to break up all the white.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire and Nick Schale Videography and Photography

Yellow bridesmaids dresses brighten up your wedding photos. Just make sure the bridesmaids like the dresses, too!

Other Ways to Add Yellow to Your Wedding

  • Add it to your invitations.
  • Choose yellow eye shadow for your bridal makeup.
  • Set your flower girl up with a cute yellow dress.
  • Lay out yellow place mats on the tables at your wedding reception.

What ways would you rock yellow on your wedding day?