Taco Bells Ring as Normal Couple Weds

That’s Normal, as in Normal, IL. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like Taco Bell. I’m crazy about their Burrito Supremes, but I never imagined the restaurant would make a desirable wedding venue. And they didn’t even reserve the whole place. While customers ordered quesadillas at the counter, Caragh and Paul Brooks (they both had the same last name before they married) sat in an orange booth and said their vows in front of several dozen guests. They married at the TB because they liked hanging out there. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Streamers and balloons were wedding decorations, and employees displayed hot sauce packets labeled with the words “Will You Marry Me?” I guess those were the wedding favors for the guests. I wish they had checked with MyWeddingFavors.com before they went with the packets.

hot-sauce.jpgchili-pepper-magnet.jpg Caragh and Paul could have surprised their guests with “Turnin’ Up the Heat!” Personalized Hot Sauce made with jalapeños, finger hot peppers, Serrano, cayenne and habanero peppers. Believe me, guests will remember their wedding every time they sprinkle some of this stuff on a homemade plate of nachos. Another great reminder of the couple’s unusual nuptials would have been the “Hot! Hot! Hot!” Pepper Magnet in its cute, southwest-kitchen gift box. Oh well, at least other couples who decide to tie the knot in a Taco Bell will know about these caliente favor options. On a personal note, I miss Taco Bell’s chihuahua spokesdog like you wouldn’t believe.